September 12, 2011

Recap of the week: 08/07/2011 to 08/13/2011

What did we learn all week? We learned that Mobile consumers may be looking at devices over network but be careful when looking at coverage areas. We also learned that it’s been 30 years since IBM released the model of PCs that defined the future of emerging computer manufacturers and personal computers in general.. and those computers came in handy in generating the CGI in the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, which was well received and got a good review. And when you get home and check your mail, you can use a security stamp instead of a shredder if your are worried about identity theft.


“When looking at a cell phone coverage map, keep in mind there is the “coverage area” and there is “native coverage”. While they sound very similar, they are not the same.”

“IBM released a personal computer model that broke the mold and was used as a template for successful computer manufactures to come.”

“You use it like a regular stamp but the difference is that instead of marking your stamp of approval, you obfuscate the lettering. It marks the paper with a bunch of characters which makes reading the underlying text difficult.”

“The CGI work was amazing. While the audience was well aware these are not REAL chimps, the CGI was so well done that you could not help but forget.”

“The prerequisites that consumers look for have changed over the years along with the ever shifting technology.”














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