August 30, 2013

Recap of the week: 08/14/2011 to 08/20/2011

Google kicked off last week with the announcement to purchase Motorola Mobility that has a lot to do about smartphones, Google TV, and patents. We also learned how to say “begin” or “hello” in Japanese polite form but ironically we also figured out that we may want to act like a jerk at work to get paid more. The week ended off with the Apple store being down.

This is an awesome deal for both Google and Motorola since Google looks to increase visibility and adoption for Android OS and Motorola Mobility looks to increase market share since in 2010 had dropped to seventh place in the global market.

Consumer interest in Smart TV products may not be ready to welcome a push for Google TV on Motorola TV set-top boxes.

In the first post on, we introduced a word “Hajime”. This in literal translation means “beginning”, but it can also have several meanings.

 It seems to be that companies paid more per year in salary to people who were less “agreeable” than those of their “agreeable” counterpart.

Gizmodo is stating they are getting the ”We’re Updating the Store” message but we did not see that message when we tried. For us, we got an “internal error – server connection terminated” error.


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