July 17, 2018

Dreamforce 2011 – “Mobile, Local, Social”

Dreamforce 2011

Overview: Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event for 2011 focuses on being “mobile, local, and social”

Every year, Salesforce holds their user and developer conference in downtown San Francisco, California. This event is called Dreamforce and attracts thousands of IT professionals as well as business units alike. This year 45 k + attendees flocked to the Moscone center for the 4 day event that includes the keynote presentation, breakout sessions, expo, and a music concert, in which this year spotlights Metallica in their first corporate gig.

The theme for the event is best said by the ending keynote by Marc Benioff, Salesforce founder and CEO, and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: be “mobile, local, social”. All the announcements of the upcoming releases revolves around that ideology. In the beginning keynote, Benioff starts off with stating “Salesforce.com was born cloud and have now been born social”. This is seen by Salesforce’s focus on Chatter.

Salesforce’s Chatter:


Dreamforce 2011 Chatter

Chatter is Salesforce’s collaboration application for the enterprise to connect and share information securely with people at work in real-time. Up to now, Chatter has been more of a collective / group Twitter than anything else. With Dreamforce 2011, it seems like they are stepping it up. Benioff announced “Chatter Now” which incorporates presence, chat and screen sharing for collaboration. The screen sharing / video chat, called “facetime”,would provide an interface for corporate users to use for multi site meetings as well as presentations to potential customers. There will also be Chatter Connect API that will provide a hook for 3rd party systems, such as Sharepoint, to connect and communicate with Chatter. All these Chatter features is wrapped up and used by invited customers to Chatter Customer Groups to securely participate in conversations in Chatter. There is also going to be a way for social feeds to pump directly into Chatter. More on this later..



Dreamforce 2011 TouchWith more and more reliance on being mobile is on the rise, Benioff zeroed in on why being HTML5 compliant is so important. During the keynote, Benioff discussed how HTML5 is leading the market for the mobile user experience. And since Salesforce needs to be on the technological edge, they plan to release touch.salesforce.com. This is the HTML5 implementation of the Salesforce.com platform and will allow any device that supports HTML5 to run Salesforce natively. Users can get access to any object, both standard and custom, sales information, Chatter, and any functionality that they can use in the current Salesforce web platform. This will also any apps and functionality that customers have built. This is a great move for Salesforce and will definitely improve user experience, especially the ones on the go. We took a look at the demo and it does look impressive. We also don’t know how this will affect Seesmic’s announcement of their CRM for Salesforce Beta app but it may quickly reduce the need of Seesmic’s app when users can use touch.salesforce.com natively in HTML5.



Dreamforce 2011 JigsawFormerly called Jigsaw, Data.com accesses top providers of data, such as Dun and Bradstreet, and connects it to your CRM data in Salesforce. This will compile data from social networks and public records to put together a profile about a potential customer. This is based on the fact that if you know more about your customer, the easier it is to sell. For example, if a potential customer is into sports, you can put together a presentation that incorporates a sports theme that gets the customer excited. While this may seem  really useful in the right hands, it sounds somewhat “stalker”-ish and sounds downright creepy when you think about all the weird people in the world.


Service Cloud:


Benioff addressed how people today communicate especially when it comes to their opinions about a company or product. He brought up an example of how unhappy consumers would use Twitter to complain about a product. Companies would then hear about this and contact the consumer. So essentially, instead of the customer calling the company, the company is contacting the customer. With Service Cloud, customer service gets integrated with social feeds by customers. They can view comments on You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook and respond to those comments.



With so much emphasis on integrating social networks to businesses, Benioff discussed social business intelligence and the acquisition of Radian6. According to Benioff, half of Fortune 100 companies uses Radian6 to analyze social media analytics

Dreamforce 2011 Radian6

For all those who don’t know, Radian6 “helps companies listen to what people are saying about them online and engage in those conversations across the social”. While Salesforce had acquired Radian6 in March 2011, it makes sense to re-acquaint everyone with the acquisition and how Salesforce is making strides to be the leader in social networking integration.

More social:

There were also other odds and ends that emphasized Salesforce’s social initiative. They introduced the Toyota Friend, which is basically a car that communicates with you socially about the status of the car. (Your car says that it needs an oil change) There was also the social integration of Coke machines in which it would also communicate with you socially that you had bought a Coke Zero at this location. (The Coke machine says that you “like” this)  These two segments seemed out-of-place and somewhat “forced” into the keynote agenda and didn’t really have anything to do specifically with Salesforce.

Final thoughts:

Dreamforce 2011 ended off with a “fireside chat” between Marc Benioff and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. To summarize, Schmidt’s two words of advice is for companies to move quickly and embrace agile development as well as to be “mobile, local, social”. Those are certainly words to live by as we see if Salesforce and Google can live up to those words.


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