April 20, 2018

How Salesforce got Metallica to play for their “party”

As many of you know, we at CultureSpike attended the annual Dreamforce developers convention a couple of weeks ago. During the week-long event, we were treated to a one night concert by one of my favorite bands, Metallica. Following the footsteps of Neil Young, the Foo Fighters, Black Crowes, and Stevie Wonder, Metallica rocked the night and showed everyone why they are the fathers of Metal.

I always wondered how Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce.com and the host of the event, got a powerhouse group like Metallica to play for him on their first corporate gig.. until I ran into some interesting piece of information when reading some articles about Salesforce. It happens that Kirk Hammett (Metallica’s lead guitarist) was invited by his next door neighbor to play at a “party” in San Francisco for his “small” company. The next door neighbor was none other than Marc Benioff.

Here’s the post from the Metallica site:

It all started when Kirk mentioned that his next door neighbor had invited us to play at his party in San Francisco and we figured “why not?” After all, it has been quite some time since we’ve played in our hometown, and we haven’t exactly been getting out a lot lately.  Well, it turns out that Kirk’s neighbor, Marc Benioff, is the top dog at a “small” company called Salesforce.com and his shindig actually lasts for four days and hosts over 30,000 people!  So much for a little backyard barbeque . . .

Following in the footsteps of Neil Young, the Foo Fighters, Black Crowes, and Stevie Wonder, we are excited to announce that we have been invited to play at the ninth annual Salesforce.com Dreamforce convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 31.  It promises to be quite the party . . . where else can you learn everything you ever wanted to know about cloud computing during the day and then rock out with the ‘Tallica at night?

If you’re planning to attend Dreamforce, cool, we look forward to seeing you there and of course, if you’re a Met Club member, log in and check out how you can win tickets  . . . we’re giving hundreds away.

And I’m lucky if my neighbor invites me to his barbecue.


  1. Jayce says:

    Yup, that suhold defo do the trick!


  1. [...] Every year, Salesforce holds their user and developer conference in downtown San Francisco, California. This event is called Dreamforce and attracts thousands of IT professionals as well as business units alike. This year 45 k + attendees flocked to the Moscone center for the 4 day event that includes the keynote presentation, breakout sessions, expo, and a music concert, in which this year spotlights Metallica in their first corporate gig. [...]

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