October 18, 2011

Security Tip: Stamp your information out as an alternative to shredding

Shredding Identity Theft

Ask anybody that knows me: I am a bit on the paranoid side when it comes to preventing identity theft and keeping my anonymity in general. I’ll make sure that anything that has my name (or address or  phone number or etc) is shredded. This means a lot of mail.. both expected mail and junk mail (I [...]

Celebrating 25 years of computer viruses

Seminar topic on Computer Viruses

During the kickoff of the Defcon conference in Las Vegas, the Chief Technical Officer of F-Secure, Mikko Hyponnen, showed an item that’s a blast from the past: a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. While the floppy disk is interesting enough as it is, it is no ordinary disk.