November 26, 2011

Mobile: Not all coverage areas are the same

Coverage Map Thumb Tack

  On an earlier post, it was suggested that consumers are focusing at other factors, such as what phones are available, when deciding which mobile carrier to go with. This is not saying that other factors, like network coverage, are not being considered. This is especially apparent when choosing a regional cell carrier. When looking at a [...]

Thank you IBM for 30 years of PCs

IBM 5150 Personal Computer

In a previous post on CultureSpike, the World Wide Web turned 20 years old. Even before W3, was the birth of the personal computer. While there was stiff competition, IBM released a personal computer model that broke the mold and was used as a template for successful computer manufactures to come. In 1981, IBM had [...]

And the winner is.. Android OS!


  According to Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Android OS now makes up 43.4% of all smartphone sales. This is quite a jump from last year’s 17.2% figure. Apple currently now has 18.2% which has a more modest jump from 14.1 from last year. Bad news for Symbian, however. [...]

“Unlimited PC Play” service to be available on GameFly


Scheduled to launch September 8th in it’s beta form, GameFly will offer an “Unlimited PC Play” service. According to EndGadget, Subscribers of the service will be able to access more than 100 downloadable titles. Although this new service plan is being released, the current process of exchanging games over postal mail will still be available. [...]

Zediva is ordered to shut down (for now)


On Monday, a preliminary injunction against Zediva was issued by the U.S. District Judge whom sided with the studios. This will force Zediva to shut down. If anybody that doesn’t know, Zediva offered streaming DVD releases as “rentals” through of what they perceived as a “loophole” . This enabled Zediva to offer Video On Demand [...]

Twitter finally switches over to #NewTwitter


With a great and better web interface, Twitter switches over to the new site redesign, dubbed #NewTwitter, that was announced last fall. For the last past year, Twitter users still were able to use the old version of the site. Link: Meet the new

The World Wide Web turns 20!


Interestingly enough so does Internet Porn. Link: Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web But that’s not the only big thing that came out of the World Wide Web. Sure, now we have Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc but there were some big hits during the 20 years. Do remember the first search engine you used (mine [...]

Celebrating 25 years of computer viruses

Seminar topic on Computer Viruses

During the kickoff of the Defcon conference in Las Vegas, the Chief Technical Officer of F-Secure, Mikko Hyponnen, showed an item that’s a blast from the past: a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. While the floppy disk is interesting enough as it is, it is no ordinary disk.

Google car: it’s the driver’s fault

According to Jalopnik, the Google self-driving Prius got into a car crash in Mountain View, California. A Google spokesperson commented that “Safety is our top priority. One of our goals is to prevent fender-benders like this one, which occurred while a person was manually driving the car.”  Apparently, they are blaming the driver on this [...]

Mobile – Are consumers choosing device over network?

Smartphone Mobile Device

What are the deciding factors when choosing mobile carriers? Is it “unlimited” data plan prices and speeds? Is it coverage and reliability of the network? Or is it what cool and up-to-date devices that are available? The prerequisites that consumers look for have changed over the years along with the ever shifting technology.