September 12, 2011

Dreamforce 2011 – “Mobile, Local, Social”

Dreamforce 2011

Overview: Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event for 2011 focuses on being “mobile, local, and social” Every year, Salesforce holds their user and developer conference in downtown San Francisco, California. This event is called Dreamforce and attracts thousands of IT professionals as well as business units alike. This year 45 k + attendees flocked to the Moscone [...]

Netflix changes their streaming policy, one stream at a time

Netflix Limits Streaming

Looks like Netflix users are now going to be restricted to watching one streaming movie at a time. While this may be part of their new pricing structure and policies, it does not help the Netflix image with the already irate customers. This will affect how families enjoy movies. No longer will family be able [...]

“Achieve anything” with Lift


The co-founders and the minds behind Twitter are starting another project in the social-media arena. Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jason Goldman are helping launch this product under their company called “The Obvious Corporation“. The project, dubbed “Lift”, is speculated to be a type of goal / achievement platform. They will join forces with the [...]

“Unlimited PC Play” service to be available on GameFly


Scheduled to launch September 8th in it’s beta form, GameFly will offer an “Unlimited PC Play” service. According to EndGadget, Subscribers of the service will be able to access more than 100 downloadable titles. Although this new service plan is being released, the current process of exchanging games over postal mail will still be available. [...]

Zediva is ordered to shut down (for now)


On Monday, a preliminary injunction against Zediva was issued by the U.S. District Judge whom sided with the studios. This will force Zediva to shut down. If anybody that doesn’t know, Zediva offered streaming DVD releases as “rentals” through of what they perceived as a “loophole” . This enabled Zediva to offer Video On Demand [...]

Twitter finally switches over to #NewTwitter


With a great and better web interface, Twitter switches over to the new site redesign, dubbed #NewTwitter, that was announced last fall. For the last past year, Twitter users still were able to use the old version of the site. Link: Meet the new

The World Wide Web turns 20!


Interestingly enough so does Internet Porn. Link: Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web But that’s not the only big thing that came out of the World Wide Web. Sure, now we have Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc but there were some big hits during the 20 years. Do remember the first search engine you used (mine [...]

Celebrating 25 years of computer viruses

Seminar topic on Computer Viruses

During the kickoff of the Defcon conference in Las Vegas, the Chief Technical Officer of F-Secure, Mikko Hyponnen, showed an item that’s a blast from the past: a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. While the floppy disk is interesting enough as it is, it is no ordinary disk.