September 12, 2011

Recap of the week: 08/14/2011 to 08/20/2011


Google kicked off last week with the announcement to purchase Motorola Mobility that has a lot to do about smartphones, Google TV, and patents. We also learned how to say “begin” or “hello” in Japanese polite form but ironically we also figured out that we may want to act like a jerk at work to [...]

Recap of the week: 08/07/2011 to 08/13/2011


What did we learn all week? We learned that Mobile consumers may be looking at devices over network but be careful when looking at coverage areas. We also learned that it’s been 30 years since IBM released the model of PCs that defined the future of emerging computer manufacturers and personal computers in general.. and [...]

Welcome to!


Hajime! In Japanese, this means “Beginning” which I find appropriate to start things off.